What makes our video services unique is the way we capture precious moments of your special day and magically transforming them into everlasting memories. Our experienced video crew is, friendly, flexible and very dynamic. We are open minded on all our projects in our endeavour to put clients’ vision to reality. We always try to involve our clients from start to the very end to guarantee that each project we embark on covers the core of a client’s imagination. Our belief is that each event is different, and this is evident in the way we do our business. Every care is always taken to make sure your event is beautifully captured in real-time, with no re-takes or scripted scenes, making your footage as natural as possible. Whenever possible, we always try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Arrival time is when your day starts, and we leave when your day ends!

No event is too small or too big. Specialists in all types of events, weddings, parties, conferences, presentations, seminars, corporate events, marketing material and all other digital material

Your full final product will be edited and uploaded, uncompressed, onto USB giving excellent picture quality. However, highlights of your event may also be uploaded onto our social media platforms, upon your approval. For more information, please call 07525632517